My mouse comes with a cable similar to a paracorded mouse cable. Is it worth buying yours?

Mouse makers have come close to recreating cables like ours, but due to regulations they can’t. All manufactured mice have to have an extra, thicker, shield cable or a shield sheath within their cables. There is no mouse cord out there that is as light and flexible as a paracord mouse cable or ZeroCable as we call it.

My ZeroCable isn’t working, what do I do?

First try plugging the USB-end of the cable in and out a few times. If that doesn’t fix it, contact us at mouseonemods@gmail.com or use our contact form (mouseonegaming.com/contact), and we’ll help you out.

Who created the artwork for the Retrowave edition of the Thasis Mouse Pad?

An artist named Michal Kváč (goes by KVACM).