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Why You Should Use A Gaming Mousepad

If you have ever used a computer, you would know how important it is to feel comfortable for long periods of time. Whether it be long sessions in the office, gaming, designing or coding - we all need to be able to use a computer in the easiest and most productive way possible.

Imagine using a mouse without a mousepad. Exactly.

Mousepads have been essential to the computer setup for as long as we can remember. Without them, there would be so many drawbacks and issues associated with the everyday task of using a computer.

They Protect Your Desk

Try and imagine what a desk would look like if someone did not use a mousepad. In fact, you may be able to distinctly picture someone who has done that very thing. 

Maybe at your old high school computer lab, there was a section where mousepads were not used at all, or your grandparents may have an ancient PC setup that totally forgot to include a mousepad.

The state of the table would be entirely different depending on whether or not they have. Scratches, marks, cuts, fading and so on would all show up on a table - and would be particularly bad if the table just so happened to be made out of wood.

This might not even have to take a long time either. Depending on what table you have and how you use a mouse, the rate of decay can vary.

It’s best to just play it smart and get a mousepad, especially if you have a really good setup and want to maintain a clean and professional look.

They Protect Your Mouse

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. This is quite obvious too.

Mice that have not been used with a mousepad will almost always have their bottom looking all chewed up, and that is not what you want if you have a brand new, high-quality mouse that has been built for longevity.

The laser/optical sensor under the mouse can also suffer a bit of wear and tear if you don’t do this, and that is absolutely not what you want.

Using a mousepad also helps in keeping your mouse looking cleaner, so you would not have to worry about getting all of that dust, dirt and grime stuck in there as much.

It would be foolish not wanting to protect something you have paid a lot of money for. 

They Improve Your Gaming Performance

If you are a gamer, then it is without question that a mousepad would be much better for your competitive sessions.

Mousepads make any sort of mouse glide effortlessly across the table, which will in turn improve your performance in virtually every game that you decide to play.

Especially in games that require a high reaction speed, like shooters, you will basically never see any master not use a mousepad.

Take a first-person shooter like Valorant for example; quick reaction times and movements are essential to winning a game - if you are going to be faster and have better aim than your opponent, then you are at a much higher statistical advantage at winning when compared to them.

They Make Your Setup Much More Personalized

If you were to search for photos of the “best gaming setup” chances are a lot of them involve an awesome-looking mousepad.

Mousepads in the gaming world often steal the show and can be the focus of a beast of a gaming setup. 

This is because of one reason: Mousepads with designs.

It just makes sense. Imagine if you had a lounge room that had absolutely no decorations or any sort of painting/print on the walls. It would rob anyone’s sense of personalization.

You can even get completely custom mousepads with whatever image you want on them. This all helps in making your setup a much more visually appealing place to stay in.

Whether it’s a favorite game, movie, show or sports team - you are bound to find anything you want.

There is also the option of getting RGB mousepads. These are mousepads that bring a bit more color and style to your setup and can help complement other peripherals.

Wirelessly Charge Your Mouse

Finally, if you’re someone who likes anything high-tech, then you should consider getting a mousepad that can wirelessly charge your mouse as you use it. 

You heard that right.

A couple of companies have already implemented this new form of technology and even though it is still in its early stages it definitely has the potential to take off.


If you want longevity with your mouse and desk, improved performance, a personalized setup and the option to wirelessly charge - then it is a no brainer to get a mousepad.

Mousepads have been around for years and they come in many different materials, shapes and sizes so there is always going to be a mousepad for everyone. 

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