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Why PC Changed Gaming Forever

Playing video games has certainly changed a lot since it began, let alone even 10 years ago. At one point, people were ashamed of calling themselves “gamers” and tried to hide the fact that they liked playing video games because it made them “uncool” and nerdy.

Nowadays, most people play video games - whether it be on consoles, PC or on phones. But out of all the available platforms, by far the most versatile and loved is the PC. -But why exactly?

Here is why the PC has changed gaming forever.

PC is powerful 

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to play on PC is the fact that the system will always have the most power compared to the current consoles. But why exactly? Because with PC, you are able to upgrade the internal parts to your choosing.

With consoles and a lot of other platforms, you are limited to what the company releases. For instance, PlayStation 4 was released back in 2013, and it was only in 2020 that the PS5 came out. That meant around seven years of not being able to have any real significant hardware changes.

Popular videos on YouTube often show graphics and performance comparisons between consoles and PC, and the difference is like night and day. PCs are more likely to be able to run games at much higher frame rates and have better looking graphics.

PC allows for endless possibilities

The term “more possibilities” really is broad and we can list so many “possibilities” that you can experience by playing PC. But probably one of the biggest bonuses of gaming with a PC is the fact that anyone is able to create a game.

For example, console games often have to go through a heavy process in being approved for the console and then being brought to stores. With PC games, as long as you know how to create a game, you can put it out there.

Many famous games have been released on PC first - with Minecraft being one of the most notable, but other indie games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Undetale and Among Us were also PC exclusive.

If every video game had to go through the strict processes like console games do, we might not have a lot of our favourite games to this day.

PC offers a large variety of games

Not only does PC have a lot of games due to the fact that it is easier to create and release indie games, but there is also no real issues of backwards compatibility. 

A lot of console gamers may really want to play an older nostalgic game but are unable to because their console does not allow any sort of backwards compatibility. With Xbox games for example, there are separate titles for Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and so on. With PC gaming, there aren't really any generations of PC like there are with consoles. You can often find any game you want on Steam or Epic Games.

Another great thing about having a PC is that you can emulate games from pretty much any console anyway. If you want to play a Nintendo 64 title, or an old PS2 game then you are able to thanks to using emulation software.

Pricing and Sales 

If you open Steam, chances are there will already be tons of sales going on, offering games for exceptionally cheap prices. This is because other platforms like Switch, Playstation and Xbox have no real competition since the only way to buy games digitally is through the console’s store app.

You only have two choices, to buy the game as a disc from a retail store or to purchase it digitally. Although it is illegal, PC players are notorious for pirating games for free, which has lead to digital stores on PC getting a little competitive with their pricing.

Another thing to note is that online play does not cost anything. With pretty much every major console, you are required to pay fees in order to just play games with your friends online. PC has never had to do that before.


The PC gaming community is vastly different to other communities and many people regard PC players as being way more connected and mature to one another. Although this is arguable, you may find younger people playing on consoles than PC. This is probably due to the fact that PCs are a lot harder to get used to and are more expensive.


Thanks to PC gaming, we are able to enjoy a larger variety of games, play with better graphics and performance, experience competitive pricing for games and are able to be part of a large and engaging community.

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