Why Gamers Should Always Go With A Gaming Mousepad

Why Gamers Should Always Go With A Gaming Mousepad

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, depending on how you decide to look at it. On one hand, you can choose to go with a console from a previous generation and save a bit of money or you can decide to lash out a bit more on a high-end gaming PC setup.


Pretty much since the dawn of time, PC gamers are going to have to expect to spend more money on their hobby than their console buddies. And that still remains true to this day really.


Although you can get away with using headphones that aren’t the best, a cheap keyboard, and a graphics card from 7 years ago - a mousepad is always going to be a must. Here’s why.


Longer Lifespan

Using a mousepad designed for gaming is not only going to last longer than regular mousepads, but you’ll notice that your mouse itself is going to hold up longer - as well as your desk.


Firstly, compared to regular office mousepads, gaming mousepad companies are well aware that gaming requires a lot of mouse swiping and quick speeds. They are also aware that serious gamers are going to be at the desk for a long time. This is why an overwhelming majority of gaming mousepads are created with durable materials.


You’ll find that gaming mousepads are often crafted with tougher rubber underneath as well as a fabric that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. The edges of mouse gaming mousepads are going to be carefully woven so zero fraying occurs.


Your mouse itself isn’t going to get scratched and damaged underneath because of the smooth mouse material that it is gliding on. The desk itself is also going to be completely protected from any wear and tear thanks to the mousepad. How great?



Functionality and Reason

Typical office mousepads are just simply not going to be optimal for any sort of PC game. They’re often smaller, flimsier, and have a lot of gimmicky and unnecessary features that are not going to do anything to help a PC gamer. Wrist cushioning may be great in an office setup, but for the fast swipes of a pro CS:GO player it would be very difficult to get used to.


Gaming mousepads on the other hand are usually very similar physically - because it just works. These mousepads are designed with speed in mind, as well as being able to complement a gaming setup.


Try to imagine how awkward it would be playing a game like Apex Legends with a small, cheap mousepad that is created for office use. Gamers find it a lot more comfortable to have a wide range of motion for their games, allowing higher amounts of precision and accuracy.



Although minimalism can be outstanding, a lot of office mousepads are completely dull and tasteless. Gaming mousepads on the other hand absolutely kill it when it comes to looking cool.


If you picture an office setup in your mind compared to a gaming setup, the latter will almost always be much more vibrant, colorful, and completely personalized. This is because gaming mousepads are created with fun and play in mind rather than work.


It's also not uncommon at all for gamers to go for designs that are appealing to them. Popular games like League of Legends, RuneScape, Overwatch, Minecraft, and so on are all guaranteed to have their own awesome mousepad styles.


If you’re a massive fan of a game like Portal for example, then just imagine how nice a setup would look if you had some blue and orange lighting, as well as a sleek mousemat that follows through with the theme.



If you’re looking into buying a decent gaming PC setup, then you should always consider investing in a mousepad. You will pretty much never see any PC gamer use a mouse without a mousepad. Here are a few points regarding what was discussed throughout this post, on why you should always use a gaming mousepad:


  • Prolonged lifespan. Using a gaming mousepad will prolong the lifespan of your mouse and the desk. The soft material of the mousepad means that your desk is going to be free of scratches and your mouse will be like new.
  • Functionality. Gaming mousepads are designed to be used for gaming, meaning that you will feel a lot more comfortable playing video games with one compared to a cheap everyday-use mousepad.
  • Aesthetic. Gaming mousepads will often look much more visually appealing compared to other mousepads. This is because a lot of gamers like to show off their setups and be in control of their gaming environment.


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