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What to Expect from the PC Accessories Industry in 2023?

Attention PC gamers! The PC accessories industry is set to take gaming experiences to the next level. And that is not an overstatement. According to the latest research study by Report Linker, the PC accessories market is expected to grow by approximately $4616.87 million between 2023 and 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.86 percent.

The growth is much owed to process automation acceptance across sectors and the rise in PC usage for recreational activities like gaming and watching movies. All this is expected to boost the PC accessories industry in 2023. Talking about recreation and gaming, here’s a comprehensive outlook on what to expect from the PC accessories industry in 2023:

A New Generation of Graphics and Processors

As the competition increases across the PC accessories industry, brace yourself for the most awaited rollout of new generations of graphic cards and processors alike. From Intel to AMD and Nvidia, all have introduced their versions of GPUs and processors for the ultimate PC gaming experience in 2023. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Expect GPUs like RTX 4090 to blow your mind as they help you submerge in the best gaming experiences like never before. The new GPUs have everything you can ask for speed, excellent graphics, and visual smoothness. Once installed, it empowers gamers to play the most strenuous ray-traced PC games without bothering about DLLSS flip.

It provides a superior speed boost with little to no visual compromises. In fact, the new Frame-Generation feature of DLSS 3’s allows you to experience artificial intelligence to double frame rates for unparalleled visual display. Moreover, content creators will also love this GPU for its lightning-speed VRAM & powerful productivity chops.

High-End CPU

If you were amazed at last-gen CPUs' performance, wait until you get your hands on the new ones in 2023. The high-end central processing units like the new core i9-13900K by Intel have squeezed multiple efficiency-focused cores into its new chip while boosting the speed to a new level.  

Wireless Gaming Headset

If you like multiplayer games, you definitely own a headset. But this year, you might need a new one as the PC accessories industry has a new take on wireless headset design and performance. The latest additions to the industry are jaw-dropping. They are a complete package of style, comfort, and functionality. Featuring comfortmax systems, rotating earcups, and flexible tension bands provide ample room for the user’s head to move and enjoy the gaming experience without any discomfort.

Moreover, they also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality and empower you to simultaneously attend calls, chat and listen to music while gaming. Put simply, the new headsets in the market are a real treat for gamers who also like to multitask.

Mouse Bungee

Expect gaming awesomeness by investing in a mouse bungee this year if you haven’t yet. Let’s be real; how many times have you lost a game because of the mouse wire drags? Several or countless times? Then mouse bungee is a must-have. It eliminates cable drags and helps gamers enjoy seamless and uninterrupted mouse movements. The spring arm and cable catch action keeps the cable elevated from the mouse providing unhindered movement. Furthermore, the anti-slip base ensures the mouse bungee stays upright and in its correct position during hectic, immersive, and intense gameplay.

Besides, a mouse bungee is a great addition as it also helps speed up work. You can work for long hours on your PC without the frustration caused by mouse wires and drags- especially when you have tight deadlines and get the job done fast.

Final Thoughts

The PC accessories industry is booming. The industry players are continuously launching new, innovative, and performance-boosting accessories- revolutionizing the gaming world and enhancing workplace efficiencies. So, whether you use a PC for work or gaming, you must invest in the best and latest accessories to enhance user experience. 

You don’t need a new PC for better performance and greater productivity. As discussed above, the newest accessories in the market can provide an enriching experience. They are the best investments you can make this year. What are you waiting for? Get started today. The best way to start is right here and right now. Order a mouse bungee from Mouse One. Boasting a Cherry Blossom tree print and flexible spring arm, our mouse bungee is an excellent choice for gaming and work assignments on the computer. You can also benefit from our interest-free instalment service. 

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