What Are Gaming Mouse Pads?

What Are Gaming Mouse Pads?

Computer peripherals have come a long way. Just two decades ago, they were simple tech products that served a purpose, and only a handful of high-quality variants were available for professional users. However, the increase in demand for high-quality peripherals has changed everything these days.

There is more competition than ever, and this has created some excellent peripheral tech products for all types of audiences, particularly gamers, who demand advanced peripherals for a better gaming experience.

The market has seen impressive technological advancements in peripherals like mice, keyboards, mouse pads, and headphones.

We will discuss one of these peripheral products in some detail to explain gaming mouse pads and the elements that make them different.

What Are Gaming Mouse Pads?

Unlike a typical mouse pad, gaming mouse pads are more advanced thanks to the large improvements that the mouse pad industry has seen over the last decade or so. Gaming mouse pads offer all kinds of benefits and features that you won't find in typical mouse pads.

While a typical mouse pad is used to provide an even and smooth surface for your mouse to work, gaming mouse pads are designed to help improve your mouse accuracy, in-game performance, and overall experience.

Many different elements make this happen in various ways. For example, many manufacturers offer proprietary mouse pad surface textures for optimal gaming. However, surface texture has subjective appeal, and there isn't a standard one that works best for all gamers.

Apart from surface texture, other elemental differences include edge and size. 

Surface Texture

The surface texture is the key element of any gaming mouse pad. It comes in constant contact with the feet of your mouse and has to deliver the perfect combination of speed, accuracy, stopping power, and feel.

Many different surface textures exist, from hard plastic coatings to tightly woven soft fabric finishes. The former is great for speed, whereas the latter is preferred for accuracy. Since gamers prioritize accuracy, fabric surface textures have more demand for gaming.

With the right surface texture, gamers almost always see an improvement in their game performance over time. However, ultimately, the choice of surface texture depends on your preference of speed, accuracy, stopping power, and feel.


Most gamers overlook this element of gaming mouse pads, even though it is very important, especially for competitive gaming. Poorly made edges can result in abrasion of your mouse chord, which can also negatively impact your performance by altering the movements of your mouse.

Moreover, fabric textured gaming mouse pads without stitched edges also experience fraying at the ends, which is not ideal or durable for any mouse pad. Edgeless varieties are available with hard plastic variants, but as mentioned previously, these are good for accuracy in gaming.

This means that precision stitched-edge gaming mouse pads are the best option for most gamers.


Up until recently, mouse pads were fairly small. However, these days, they can be quite large. Growing gaming trends of reduced mouse sensitivity for greater precision require users to have more space to move their mouse for better accuracy, resulting in these larger-sized gaming mouse pads.

This is why today we see full-length desk mats for gaming that may span well over 30-inches. While gamers may not use the entirety of these large surface lengths, such large gaming mouse pads offer better aesthetics for your gaming and computer setup.

Once again, gaming mouse pad size will depend on your preference of in-game mouse sensitivity and looks.


Computer peripherals have become far more advanced and detailed over the last decade, evident in the minor elemental differences of gaming mouse pads. What used to be a simple smooth pad for your mouse has become a lot more due to demands and trends in gaming.

The mentioned elements thoroughly explain what gaming mouse pads are, and following your preferences, you can find the ideal one for yourself. However, if you are still uncertain, try the Thasis gaming mouse pad from MouseOne.

It is an ideal gaming mouse pad with in-game functionality at its core. It offers precise control, speed, and accuracy thanks to the water-resistant micro-textured cloth surface texture and comes with precisely stitched edges for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

You also get a non-slip rubber base, and the pad is available in two colors and two ideal sizes for gaming. If you want to learn more about gaming mouse pads or the features and benefits of the Thasis from MouseOne, please visit our website today.

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