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Video Games That Are Almost Impossible to Play Without a Mousepad

If you’re an avid player of games, you’ll be very aware that depending on the genre, your setup might look different.

Just like a lot of sports require players to think and act differently, as well as use different types of equipment, there are tons of PC games that are much better experienced with certain accessories. Mousepads, for instance, are one of the most crucial things to use as part of any PC setup. Even for people who use a computer for office reasons, a mousepad makes a whole world of difference.

Whether it's headphones, curved monitors, or colorful keyboards - mousepads keep proving to be a piece of equipment that makes all the difference when playing video games.

Here are some games that rely heavily on a mousepad:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Just like any shooter, a mousepad is needed to make fast and smooth movements with intense accuracy. Counter-Strike in particular is a game that has been played strategically in the esports world for many years.

Skilled players need to be able to peek behind corners and duck away from gunfire insanely quickly. Mousepads are essential, as the swift glides and jumps of the hand make it a seamless experience. Pro snipers at the game especially are required to use a mousepad. This is because sudden jumps and bobs from enemies need to be precisely taken into account.

Some may remember the whole “surfing” trend that used to dominate the game’s servers. Players can join surf maps in which they flow their character through a series of obstacles and ramps. Using a mousepad for this will also guarantee an improved experience.


This rhythm game released in 2007 has shown no signs of slowing down, and many people to this day are still addicted. In this game, players must click certain parts of the screen at the correct time in order to keep up with a song. 

A large portion of the game consists of community-made levels, with music that is heavily associated with anime culture. 

Although many players decide to connect an external pad and stylus accessory, a lot of people prefer to just stick with a normal mouse. If this is the case, then your best bet is that a mousepad is going to be the most important thing. Pretty much throughout the entire game, your hand is going to be moving - keeping up with where you need to click next.

The large amounts of swiping and gliding would be terrible if performed on a bare table. This can mean that not only your desk, but your mouse will see tons of wear and tear.


Even if you are not a gamer whatsoever, you surely would have heard of Fortnite by now.

The game is a battle royale, so strategy and seriousness are what is necessary to win. 100 players get thrown into a map and must fight in order to be the last one standing.

With how fast past this third-person shooter can be at times, the mouse movements and reflexes needed are insane. Pro players such as Ninja lower their mouse sensitivity. This is so they can have more accuracy between shots. The thing is though, having a large mousemat is a no-brainer if you choose this route.

A large mousemat means that you are free to move your hand across the table with ease. It is not uncommon these days for people to lower their sensitivity to play like this either. But again, a long mousemat is the best thing to have for this.

League of Legends

As a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, strategy is going to be an absolute must. You will need to keep in mind that precision with timing and clicking is going to be your number one priority. 

During League of Legends, a lot is going to be going on when you are looking at your screen. The game can take a long time to master too and has a loyal following in the esports world.

Lots of spells, attacks, and so on need to be performed at crucial times. Players point and click where they want their character to travel to, all while keeping up with the various on-screen elements.

Watching esports players at work during a League of Legends match is intense, and there’s no surprise that all of them have top-tier mousepads.


Although these were only a few games mentioned, they are surely some of the most heavily dependant on mousepad use.

By far though, games that fall into the “shooter” category are going to be far more reliant on mousepads and mousemats. This is because of their fast-paced nature and gameplay elements that make quick decisions crucial.

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