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Using A Gaming Mousepad In The Office

With more and more people becoming invested in gaming and video games, there has unsurprisingly been a higher demand for various gaming equipment - particularly, PC gaming equipment.


Although it may seem that consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are more popular than PC gaming, it turns out that most people are on the side of PC gaming. Compared to consoles, PCs require a lot more maintenance. Consoles only really require you to sit back on a couch and have a decent TV, while PCs are reliant on a nice keyboard, monitor, headset, and mousepad.


Gaming mousepads have been developed to give the most comfortable and ideal experience to PC players. Since a mouse is going to be at the heart of the PC experience, ease of use and comfort is essential when it comes to gaming - thus the mousepad.


With a lot of people working from home these days, many have decided to just use their gaming computer as their computer for work. Some even decide to take their high-quality peripherals inside to the office. But why? And are there any benefits? Here’s what you should know.


Speed and Productivity

Right off the bat, a gaming mousepad (particularly a mousemat) is going to increase your productivity speed in the office. This is because gaming mousemats are often a lot larger than simple office ones, and are designed to hold up a lot longer too.


With more area to move your mouse, you’ll automatically notice that simple and repetitive actions as well as going about a regular day are going to feel a lot more snappy and fluid. Professional eSports players - distinctly those who play shooter games - find using a mousepad an absolute must.


For example, the popular first-person shooter game TF2 requires a lot of snappy movement and quick thinking. The fastest class in the game, Scout, needs a lot of room and speed with the mouse and that’s why a lot of TF2 professionals have a significant focus on their mousepad.


Even take Tracer from Overwatch as another example: The intense zipping around and dodging from enemies is going to mean that rapid and precise mouse movements are going to either make or break your current game.


A Big Sense of Personalization

Most office mousepads are notoriously very minimalistic and plain in their appearance. In fact, computer-related accessories in office settings are going to be plain to keep things more businesslike.


However, if you find yourself in an office with a nice and easy-going boss, or if you work from home - a mousepad with a design you love can be a game changer. A lot of your favorite games and companies already offer some of their own mousepads with cool designs.


World of Warcraft or Overwatch fans are able to pick from a wide selection of mousemats that showcase various characters, fictional locations, and so on. Still, you can get some more generic and straightforward designs that focus a lot on nice colors and different patterns.


Instead of having a boring old desk, a mousemat with a design can make the environment feel like your own. In turn, this would surely lift your spirits and add a bit of color to your day.


Purposeful Design

Walk into any electronics store and head to the office tech section and you’ll be amazed at how gimmicky and stupid a lot of the options are. You’ll come across mice that try way too hard to be different with their odd designs, or mousepads that have completely impractical amounts of wrist cushioning.


Gaming accessories keep it simple. Since gaming products are designed for speed and comfort during long hours of intense gameplay, the designs are made with purpose and functionality in mind. Although a lot of office mice and mousepads can be helpful, there is still a painful amount that just never catch on and are just a waste of your time and money.



Using a gaming mousepad as part of your office setup may be one of the smartest decisions you can make. You’ll end up even saving a bit of money too since you don’t have to unnecessarily double up on two different mousepads.


Let’s take a recap on what to expect when using a gaming mousepad in your office:

  • An increase in speed and productivity. This is because gaming mousepads are designed for fast-paced action for professionals during long hours of play.
  • Personalization. Instead of a dull and plain typical office mousepad, you’ll definitely find that gaming mousepads are made with more fun in mind - and you’ll be able to pick from a large selection of awesome designs from your favorite games.
  • Purposeful Design. A huge amount of office mice and mousepads these days are unnecessarily made to try and be unique and different - a lot of the time just being completely impractical and never catching on.


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