The Best Gaming Upgrades to Make in 2022

The Best Gaming Upgrades to Make in 2022

Every year tech companies come up with new, upgraded products than the previous year and these upgrades range from minor to thoroughly impressive major ones. So far, 2022 seems like a promising year, and there are already some excellent gaming upgrades to consider.

We have done the research and found the best and most substantial ones for you to consider for this year.

Let's discuss the best gaming upgrades to make in 2022, especially if you haven't upgraded your gaming computer parts and peripherals in a while.

The Best Gaming Upgrades to Make in 2022

Here is a list of our favorite gaming upgrades to make in 2022 that we think are the best ones to consider.

Gaming Mouse Pad

Gaming mouse pads are arguably one of the most important computer peripherals you can invest in to improve your gaming performance. They come in all sizes and with various features to improve different aspects of your gaming.

They can improve your mouse's speed, accuracy, stopping power, and even things like comfort for your arm and wrist, so you can easily enjoy long gaming sessions. There are, of course, preferences depending on the games you play and your gaming style. However, soft fabric gaming mouse pads are the most popular option.

If you have not upgraded your gaming mouse pad in the last two years, you should consider switching to a fresher, high-quality gaming mouse pad such as our Thasis mouse pad. It offers the perfect sizes, surface texture, accuracy, and stopping power you need to play all your favorite competitive FPS games.

Gaming Headset

Often, gamers underestimate the power of a good gaming headset. It can improve your PC gaming experience and performance. If you don't currently use one or haven't upgraded in the past few years, now is the time to do so.

This is because this year, we may see the first wireless gaming headset to support a whopping 300 hours of battery life. This is an incredible feat, especially when you consider that currently, high-quality gaming headsets only last around 30 hours at best.

However, if these next-generation headsets can meet the 300-hour mark, it means you may only need to charge them once every season. Apart from all the gaming benefits you get from a gaming headset, you will be able to enjoy immense convenience and very little downtime for charging them.

DDR5 Ram

DDR5 Ram is the latest generation of memory you can get for your gaming PC. While this new memory was introduced a while ago and brought substantial speed and efficiency to the previous generation DDR4, 2022 is the year where DDR5 will see some improvements.

These improvements will not mean that they are faster or have better data rates or clock frequencies. However, it means the latency issues that bother gamers, in particular, will be addressed. This solution isn't new as the early DDR4 Rams also had similar low latency issues compared to the typical DDR3 Ram.

The ongoing latency issues of DDR5 mean that it isn't an upgrade from DDR4, but once these latency issues are solved this year, it will be the upgrade all gamers desire. Hence, upgrading your gaming PC to DDR5 Ram and supporting hardware is one of the best gaming upgrades for 2022.

Graphics Card

Upgrading graphics cards have been a huge hassle for PC gamers in recent years. Apart from their options being restricted to just Nvidia and AMD, the global chip shortage has resulted in a major shortage of GPUs in the market, which has caused prices to skyrocket.

However, 2022 is the year we will see another major tech developer rise to the occasion and bring some much-needed competition in the GPU market. Microsoft Intel is returning to the GPU market this year with its line of Intel Arc models called the Alchemist.

So far, what we know about these GPUs is that they will bring powerful competition to the existing duopoly of Nvidia and AMD and help reduce the global GPU shortage. This means that 2022 could just be the best time to upgrade your graphics card.


While tech companies will continue introducing upgrades to gaming equipment each year, it isn't always the best idea to upgrade year after year. The upgrades are not only minor, but they also cost a lot of money.

However, you should upgrade your gaming PC and its parts every few years, especially when the upgrades are substantial and worth it. The mentioned gaming upgrades to make in 2022 are the ones that we think are best for gamers this year, and you should consider getting them for your gaming setup.

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