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The best accessories to pair with your gaming mousepad for a complete setup

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a more competitive player, having a gaming setup will make the experience more fun, comfortable, and stylish. But to unlock the best gaming experience possible, you need to have access to the right accessories. 

One of the most important things to have is a gaming mousepad. Not only does it give you more control and precision in your movement, but it also ensures your hand and wrist sit in a comfortable position. This can help prevent possible wrist injuries. But a mousepad is just part of the setup. 

To get a pro-gamer feels, you will need many other accessories to enhance your gaming performance during long sessions. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the best accessories to pair with your gaming mousepad. Let’s take a look. 

Gaming Mouse

It goes without saying for the best gaming experience; you will need a high-quality gaming mouse. When searching for a mouse, look for one that offers a higher DPI (dots per inch). This will give you more accurate and precise movements. You’ll find moving the cursor to be a lot easier than a standard mouse, which will come in handy, particularly for fast-paced games. 

Additionally, the mouse you pick should fit your hand comfortably. Since gaming sessions can be long and intensive, a mouse that strains your hand and wrist can cause injuries. Besides lowering the risk of injuries, a high-quality gaming mouse is also far more durable. Even with prolonged use, your mouse will last for years. 

Mouse Bungee

If you get frustrated with tangled mouse cables while gaming, a mouse bungee may be the solution you’re searching for. It is a device used to manage mouse cables, preventing them from getting tangled or caught as you game. While most people tend to find this valuable accessory irrelevant, it offers a range of benefits. 

For starters, it makes your movements consistent. In games where you must make split-second movements, the mouse bungee ensures you stay on top of the game by keeping the mouse cable in place. You’ll never have to worry about the cable causing friction from being dragged across the desk or other gaming accessories. More importantly, it also protects the cable from wear and tear, thus prolonging its life and reducing the need for frequent replacements. 

And as an added bonus, you get a tidy and organized gaming setup, which also plays a part in enhancing your gaming experience. 

Wrist Rest

A wrist rest is another important accessory to pair with your gaming mousepad. It is a cushioned pad that can be placed in front of the mouse or keyboard, allowing you to rest your wrists as you type or use the mouse. 

Since gaming sessions are usually long and intensive, having a wrist rest will ensure your wrist doesn’t become strained or fatigued. This helps promote wrist alignment and improves your overall gaming performance. When your wrist is well-rested, and in a steady position, you are more likely to make more accurate movements. 

Desk Mat

While a mousepad offers a platform for your mouse, a desk mat, on the other hand, acts as a desk protector from all other elements of your gaming setup, including the keyboard and computer. 

Your desk will remain safe from all kinds of scratches and spills. This is particularly important if you have an expensive desk. The desk mat will ensure your desk stays in perfect shape. Plus, the soft and cushioned surface also makes your hand and wrist feel more comfortable. And the best part is that it dramatically improves the aesthetics of your gaming setup as well. The sleek and elegant look adds a touch of personality to the setup. 

Wrapping Up 

While a gaming mousepad will always remain an inherent part of a gaming setup, it isn’t the only thing you need to unlock a pro gaming experience. The aesthetics and functionality of your setup are dependent on several factors, and the accessories you use with the mousepad play a significant role in giving them a much-needed boost. 

When searching for accessories to pair with your gaming mousepad, look for a high-quality gaming mouse with a high DPI to ensure accurate and precise control over your movements. But more than that, having wrist rests will reduce the likelihood of you sustaining wrist injuries. And the desk mats will protect your desk from scratches and spills. But above all else, a mouse bungee is the most important accessory of all. 

It keeps your setup tidy, improves accuracy, and offers complete cable protection, making it a must-have item on your accessory list. You can find high-quality mouse bungee at Mouse One. Our uniquely designed mouse bungee is heavy to ensure no unwanted movements occur and has a flexible spring to keep up with your swings. Get your limited-edition cherry blossom mouse bungee today!

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