Should I Use Different Mousepads for Different Games?

Should I Use Different Mousepads for Different Games?

We do things better when we use something specifically designed with true purpose and functionality in mind. 

For example, there are cars for everyday driving, traveling with large families, racing, off-road exploration and so on. 

It’s the same with computers and office equipment, especially mousepads.

For quite some time now, people have been using computers every single day. I’m not talking about people in general, I’m talking about how most folks around the world use some form of “computer” every single day. 

One way to improve your ease of use, style, performance and efficiency when using a computer is by using the right mousepad for the right job. Let’s take a look:

Ergonomic Mousepads

Ergonomic mousepads are designed specifically with comfort in mind during long-term use. If you walk into any office building, you would most likely see that these are going to be the most common type of mousepads you will find. Ergonomic mousepads have been the go-to for office workers for quite a long time already.

They are often much smaller than other types, but one of the key features that distinguishes them apart from any other type of mousepad is the fact that they always have a soft cushioning around the wrist area that makes it very comfortable to use.

These mousepads are said to have been designed with the help of doctors to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes a pain and/or numbness and tingling in the hand or wrist.

Hard Mousepads

This type of mousepad is for people who prefer a firmer feel, as they are typically made with materials like plastic, metal, wood or glass. Hard mousepads have been around for a long time too.

Although these aren’t very well known, they have started to rise again. Early mousepads during the 1960s to 1980s were often made of vinyl board cover. 

Since the introduction of optical mice, hard surfaces that are reflective have a particularly hard time functioning correctly. Long-term use of a hard mousepad can also be uncomfortable to some, which is not too surprising.

Glass mousepads are good at giving a setup a nice minimal and futuristic appearance, whilst wood can be a much more classic and retro look.


Probably one of the more modern arrivals, mousemats are seen mostly in gaming setups as they provide a wide range of movement and fluidity to the user. 

Mousemats often cover someone's entire desk space and are soft, flexible and can usually be rolled up. 

When playing shooter games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc. mousemats can give a player an insane amount of accuracy. The reason is simply because all you have to do is lower your mouse sensitivity - you then have a large space to move your hand around leading to more accurate and precise movements and actions.

Design is also a big deal when it comes to mousemats because of how much space they tend to take up. You will often see gaming enthusiasts going all out on finding a mousemat with a theme or graphic that they really love, like a particular game, movie, show or anime.

Because of this, gaming setups can look amazing and very personalized.

RGB Mousepads/Mousemats

For those who don’t know, RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue - a color model for lights that allow millions of colors to be chosen. Gaming setups usually show off a lot of flashy lights and colors, looking quite like a Christmas tree.

Gaming PCs almost always come with some sort of lighting built into the machine, and modern gamers often go for mice and keyboards that can be completely customizable with an endless amount of colors.

Although not completely brand new, RGB mousepads are mousepads that have a colorful strip of light around the mousepad that can turn any boring space into something atmospheric.


To summarize, there are different types of mousepads and mousemats that are best suited for different tasks. If you’re an office worker, it is best to go with something that is ergonomic and comfortable. 

If you are a gamer, (especially a shooter game enthusiast)  try a mousemat. These offer much higher accuracy and you see a lot of professionals and esports players using these because of the wider range of movement.

If you like a clean look and do not really worry about using a computer for long periods of time, a hard mousepad might be something to consider.

Finally, if you are someone who really wants to show off a top-of-the-range setup with lots of lighting and really want to create a nice mood - then go with an RGB mousepad or mat.

There should be something for everyone, and paring the right mousepad for the right job is a pretty straightforward thing to do.

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