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Prebuilt vs Custom PCs

Just like there have always been massive debates between console and PC gamers, there has also always been the war between the “prebuilt” and “custom” PC folk.

Those who prefer custom machines often talk about how they love their freedom, whereas the prebuilt gamers like how convenient everything is. At the end of the day, both are still PC players at heart - but is there a real winner?

Let’s take a look at prebuilt vs custom PCs…


What is a Prebuilt Gaming PC?

A prebuilt gaming PC is exactly what it sounds like; a PC that has already been built beforehand. This means that it is likely ready to get used straight out of the box. Think of it like an Apple Mac computer, or your phone - they’ve already been created and can be used straight away.

Most computers that are for non-gaming purposes are prebuilt. That’s because it’s a lot easier to quickly get started using the machine. The average person simply doesn’t have a clue when it comes to the ins and outs of computers, so they are much more inclined to go with something prebuilt.


What is a Custom Gaming PC?

On the other hand, we have custom PCs. Custom PCs are computers that are manually built with separate parts. Custom PCs are very popular in the gaming world because you’re able to upgrade them in order to add more power and speed to your machine.

Just like with the car community, people like to show off their custom creations. Custom PCs are often way more aesthetically pleasing and decked out too.

Depending on who you ask, custom PCs can be cheaper, too. This is because you have to buy each part separately and construct it together on your own. 


Why do people prefer prebuilt PCs?

Prebuilt PCs are loved for many reasons. Although they may not have as much freedom of customization as custom PCs, they still outshine their opponent in many ways.

The biggest selling point for a prebuilt PC is its ease of use. You can simply head into a store, buy it, and on the same day - it runs. If any issues are encountered, they are often easier to fix. This is because a lot of computer manufacturers have warranties.

Also, issues are a little easier to deal with since the parts used are guaranteed to work together. With custom PCs, you need to figure out if your parts are going to be compatible with each other.


Why do people prefer custom PCs?

Again, custom PCs are widely popular thanks to their ability to be transformed into anything you like. For instance, many custom PC enthusiasts tend to flood their computers with RGB lights, and have all sorts of different-looking chassis setups, and so on.

Having a custom PC means that you are also free to upgrade whenever you want, although most prebuilt PCs allow you to make some changes too. It will most likely be a little easier to play around with a custom PC too.

With custom PCs, you can also have a much more diverse budget - as opposed to prebuilt machines where you are locked into set prices. Obviously, with custom, you can choose your own individual parts.


What is cheaper?

Unfortunately, there isn’t always going to be a clear answer. Custom PC enthusiasts claim that their option is cheaper because you have to purchase separate parts and do everything on your own.

On the other hand, though, prebuilt PCs can sometimes have the same (or similar) parts and be much cheaper overall than custom PCs. 

The best thing to do is to learn more about PC customization and allow yourself to get a better idea of computer parts. That way, you’ll roughly know if a prebuilt PC is worth a custom PC.


How Do I Make a Custom PC Faster?

With gaming PCs, the main parts people focus on are the processor, RAM, and graphics card. Without these parts, the computer will not work. 

The processor allows your computer to interact with all of the programs that you have installed. Think of the processor as the “brain” in a way, as it executes instructions. RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”. RAM is a temporary memory bank where your computer stores data it needs to retrieve quickly - essentially making programs run quicker.

Finally, graphics cards are one of the most important components that affect the overall frame rate and appearance of certain games - that is why they are so commonly discussed in the gaming community.



So what’s better? Either way, a gaming computer should fit your gaming needs while being affordable enough.

Prebuilt PCs are good if you may not care that much about computers, and want something quick and easy to grasp. Custom PCs are better suited for people who know their tech.

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