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Must-Have Gaming Accessories

The modern world of PC gaming is filled with performance-enhancing computer peripherals or gaming accessories. These can help you improve one or more aspects of your gaming performance and even help enhance your entire gaming experience.

Today, we will discuss our selection of must-have gaming accessories that we think every gamer should consider improving their gaming performance and experience.

Must-Have Gaming Accessories

Here is our selection of must-have gaming accessories for PC gamers.

Wireless Gaming Controller

PC gamers and console gamers rarely see eye-to-eye when it comes to the gaming experience. However, just because you are a PC gamer doesn't mean you can't enjoy a bit of gaming with a wireless gaming controller.

Most such controllers have similar ergonomic layouts as the most popular gaming console controllers and offer a similar experience for the majority of games. They have excellent battery life and come with Bluetooth integration that allows you to connect them to your PC wirelessly.

You can test the difference in gaming performance yourself. However, they are typically comfortable and responsive enough to let you game with ease for hours. They also come in handy if you are in the mood for some couch-multiplayer gaming with a friend, like a match of NFL or FIFA.

These benefits and a different console-like gaming experience is why a wireless gaming controller is a must-have gaming accessory.

Gaming Headset

A gaming headset is one of the most important gaming accessories for any gamer, especially if they are playing competitive multiplayer FPS games online with teammates. Gaming headsets allow you to immerse yourself into the game and clearly hear the footsteps of approaching enemies.

However, you must consider a few things when you opt to buy a gaming headset. Firstly, you'll want an over-ear headset with comfortable ear cups so you can use it for hours without hurting your ears. Secondly, you want a gaming headset that offers true stereo sound for clear audio while playing.

Some good quality gaming headsets come with simulated surround sound, which is the best feature of such a must-have gaming accessory because it allows you to hear approaching enemies from all angles. You wouldn't have to guess which direction your enemy is closing in from.

Lastly, your gaming headset should have a rotating or detachable microphone. This is incredibly important because it allows seamless communication with teammates for multiplayer online gaming. You can easily coordinate with your teammates, make calls, or follow orders.

Apart from these things, you may want to consider a wired gaming headset over a wireless one. This may sound confusing, but when it comes to gaming, wireless isn't always better. A wired headset means there will be no lag or latency in your communications or audio.

However, a wireless gaming headset may drop the ball, which can be annoying, especially if you lose communication or audio at a critical time in your gameplay.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is perhaps the most fundamental of all must-have gaming accessories. Most gaming mice use optical laser technology, which is standard and works on almost any surface. However, there are many other features to consider when you opt for a gaming mouse.

For example, modern gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes, and you want one that suits your style of gaming. Whether you are a wrist-aimer or arm-aimer, you need to make sure that the ergonomics of your gaming mouse match your gripping style comfortably.

Otherwise, you'll end up with an uncomfortable gaming mouse that you can't play with for long periods. Similarly, you'll want to consider the weight of your mouse. Some even come with inserts to add weight to the mouse.

Moreover, features like programmable buttons let you program mouse buttons as quick action keys or set change buttons. Most gaming mice will have 1 or 2, whereas some even have over ten programmable buttons.

There are also features like RGB lighting, thumb rests, mechanical switches, and a wide range of DPI sensors that can improve gaming performance and experience. However, once you have the comfort of your gaming mouse nailed, everything else is mostly up to preference.

Gaming Mouse Pad

A gaming mouse pad is a perfect complement to your gaming mouse. It is one of those must-have gaming accessories that offer immense gaming performance and experience benefits without breaking the bank.

Modern gaming mouse pads like the Thasis are designed to offer accuracy, comfort, stopping power, and overall improvement in gaming performance, while also increasing the lifespan of your expensive gaming mouse.

The quality stitched edges ensure there is no cord drag or abrasions. The soft fabric surface makes sure that the feet of your gaming mouse are safe, last longer, and offer precision, smooth movements throughout your game.

The rubber base holds firmly to prevent your gaming mouse pad from slipping at any time. Gaming mouse pads like the Thasis offer immense value for money, and you should definitely try one to experience the improvements it brings to your gaming performance.

Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are the preference of the majority of gamers because they offer a more tactile, sturdy, and responsive gaming experience. Gamers who want lightweight, portable, and inexpensive keyboards tend to go for membrane keyboards, but mechanical keyboards are the better option because they offer more feedback when you press keys.

The individual switches under the keys of mechanical keyboards are faster to register presses, and they are typically more comfortable as well. Another feature to consider with gaming keyboards is the backlit feature.

If you often find yourself gaming in the dark, a backlit gaming keyboard will offer you the ease of finding keys in the dark.


These were our selection of must-have gaming accessories that we think can really make a difference in your PC gaming performance and experience. Whether you opt for a gaming mouse pad, mouse, keyboard, headset, or controller, comfort should be just as important as performance.

So make sure you only opt for high-quality, comfortable gaming accessories.

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