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Making the Transition from Console to PC Gaming - A Few Things You Need to Know

Without a doubt, many have become well aware of the various benefits that PC gaming has to offer. Lots of people are happily avoiding the latest console and would rather spend their hard-earned money on a high-end gaming PC.

But there is a lot to learn about PC gaming before you switch over from console gaming. There are also some things that you should prepare for and be ready to expect when making the change. Here, we take a look at some things you should know when making the move from console to PC gaming.

It’s More Than Just a Controller

Perhaps the most immediate thing to know right off the bat is that people love PC gaming because of the fact that they can use a mouse and keyboard. Some gamers may find it hard to get used to using a mouse and keyboard if they have only ever used a controller.

Using a mouse and keyboard can be one of the biggest pros to being a PC gamer though. The amount of accuracy involved with using a mouse compared to a simple Xbox controller for example is unbelievable. Most esports games are played on a PC, this is because of the high amount of control and speed the players have.

Even if you really miss your controller, you can easily connect one to your computer too and play games just like you were on your console.

The Exciting Peripherals 

Another thing to get excited about for PC gaming is that there are large amounts of additional things that you can buy that make your whole gaming experience much more enjoyable. For example, there are lots of different headphones, microphones, desks, and displays that you can have that allow large amounts of preference and also give the opportunity of high quality.

By far, one of the most essential things to have as part of your gaming setup is a decent mousepad.

Mousepads allow swift and accurate mouse movements to happen with ease, and are vital when playing fast-paced action and shooter games. Esports and professionals will always consider mousepads crucial for having an optimal experience.

Our mousepads are made with functionality in mind. Check out our Thasis mousepad to see why gamers adore our products.

The Larger Library of Games

Perhaps another reason why people are drawn to PC gaming - the content that is available is absolutely massive and dwarfs the console market. With stores like Steam and Epic Games, there is simply just a much wider selection to choose from.

An added bonus is that PC gaming doesn’t even need to be “backward compatible”. For example, a lot of older generation games such as titles for PS2 and PS3 are not playable on newer consoles like PS4 and PS5. There is a little bit more of a hassle when warning to play older games on newer consoles.

On the other hand, a PC is just a PC. By that, a computer only really “changes” when you change the hardware. The Steam store has been around for many years, and is still strong. Steam will likely be around in the far future. 

Lots of indie and early access games are available on PC. This is because it is a lot easier to release games for the PC market compared to consoles. This is because PC games often do not have to go through a technical process as console games do.

Pricing Differences

The first thing that you will most likely notice is that right from the start, buying a decent gaming PC is going to cost much more on average in comparison to getting the latest and greatest console.

But some argue that PC gaming is cheaper than console gaming in the long run. PC gaming does not often require you to pay for a subscription in order to use their online services. Xbox and PlayStation will need you to pay a fee in order for you to play online games.

PCs can also obviously be used for many things, not just gaming. This adds a lot of value, as you can use a PC to write an essay, while your console can’t.

In terms of pricing for PC games, they are usually going to be cheaper than their console counterparts. Steam and Epic Games will always have huge sales going on, with some games even being just a few dollars. Even upon release, triple A titles have competitive pricing, so technically in the long run you will spend less on PC games (not to mention the massive variety of free games either).


Before you get stuck into PC gaming, it is important to remember that pricing can initially throw a few people off, however many view PCs as being totally worth it. Peripherals and accessories are definitely a must when it comes to PC gaming, especially mousepads.

Being a PC gamer also means that you will have access to a huge library of games, whether it be triple A or indie.

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