A gamer playing on a setup that has RGB parts and accessories, including an RGB mouse pad.

Is an RGB Mouse Pad Worth It?

Computer peripherals are becoming increasingly popular, especially because of the ever-growing gaming industry. Gamers of all levels want computer peripherals like gaming mice, headsets, keyboards, mousepads, or anything that can positively impact their gaming performance.

A huge reason for the newfound popularity of computer peripherals is that professional gaming is now globally recognized as e-sports, which is televised, marketed, and followed by millions of fans around the world.

Professional gamers boast some of the most advanced and high-tech gaming mouse pads, headsets, mice, and other computer peripherals and parts. Most often, these gaming accessories come with RGB (red, green, blue) lighting, which is a telltale sign that a computer peripheral or part is meant for gaming purposes; however, this is not always the case.

This RGB signage has become very popular in the markets, but most fans and recreational gamers don't fully understand it.

Let's discuss gaming mouse pads, most importantly RGB mousepads to help you better understand if they are worth it.

Is an RGB Mouse Pad Worth It?

Yes and no. The user determines the worth of an RGB mouse pad. In professional gaming, many gamers use RGB gaming accessories, including RGB mousepads, however, this isn't always the case. RGB lighting is just an aesthetic element on a professional gaming accessory.

No professional gamer would opt for an RGB mouse pad if it meant compromising on the more important aspects of the gaming mouse pad like quality, surface texture, stopping power, thickness, edges, etc.

It just so happens that a lot of good professional gaming mouse pads come with RGB lighting, which is why a lot of professional gamers use them. It provides a cool aesthetic that is closely tied to the gaming world.

Of course, there are plenty of professional gamers who use excellent gaming mouse pads without RGB lighting, like the Thasis mousepad.

There is a huge variety of good, high-quality gaming mouse pads in the market, and ultimately, the best one (RGB or not) for improving gaming performance is different for everyone, because it depends on the individual's style of gaming.

One gaming mouse pad may suit your style of gaming and improve your gaming performance. However, this doesn't mean it will do the same for another gamer. There is no one-size-fits-all, but there are elements of high-quality gaming mouse pads that make them better than their low-quality counterparts.

Speaking of low-quality, there are plenty of manufacturers out there who take advantage of RGB lighting to falsely market inferior products as being "high-quality" or "pro gaming".

Is RGB a Marketing Gimmick?

Unfortunately, the market is saturated with a huge amount of gaming products that use RGB lighting as a marketing gimmick. They understand that RGB lighting is closely tied to professional gaming, which is why fans and recreational gamers are looking for similar RGB gaming products.

They use this to their advantage because when they add RGB lighting to inferior mouse pads and products, it instantly becomes more attractive to the uninformed or younger audiences. This allows them to hike the price and sell more of their inferior products.

An RGB Mouse Pad Is Good for

A high-quality RGB mouse pad is perfect for someone who wants the aesthetic look and feel of a professional gaming accessory, without compromising on quality or gaming performance. Not only does it look cool, but there are plenty of high-quality options that may suit your individual gaming style.

On the other hand, if you value the aesthetic appeal of RGB lighting and don't care much for gaming performance, then any RGB gaming mouse pad is good for you. If you prefer the aesthetic over all else, then an RGB gaming mouse pad is more than worth it for you.

An RGB Mouse Pad Isn't Good for

If you dislike RGB lighting, feel that it is distracting, or want a high-quality gaming mouse pad without any gimmicky add-ons, then an RGB mouse pad is not for you. Similarly, if you are an ambitious new gamer, then RGB lighting is not as important for you as a high-quality gaming mouse pad.

In this case, you should spend your money wisely and opt for quality over the aesthetic appeal. Your priority should be to improve your gaming performance with a good gaming mouse pad like the Thasis and not worry about improving the looks of your mouse pad or gaming setup.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, the user determines the worth of an RGB Mouse pad. If you want something that looks cool and adds aesthetic appeal, then you should opt for an RGB mouse pad. However, we highly recommend not to compromise on quality or gaming performance just for the sake of aesthetic appeal.

If you can find a high-quality gaming mouse pad with RGB lighting that improves your gaming performance, then you should definitely go for it. Otherwise, it is better to prioritize traditional mouse pad elements like surface texture, speed, accuracy, thickness, etc, that actually improve performance.

Moreover, due to the influx of gaming products that use RGB as a marketing gimmick, you should always do your research before opting for RGB gaming products.

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