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How to Improve Your PC Gaming Abilities

Harry Potter once said, “Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now – students. If they can do it, why not us?” Similarly, every pro PC gamer was also a noob once who spent days and nights working on their skills to the level they're at. So, if you have a similar passion, learn how to improve your PC gaming abilities. However, contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more to this than playing Call of Duty on Specialist difficulty or upgrading your gaming equipment. 

Whether you’re chasing pro gamers or looking for self-fulfillment, keep reading to learn seven ways to improve your PC gaming skills.

7 Ways to Improve Your PC Gaming Skills

Practice (x 3)

Whether you're taking on simulation racing with Dirt Rally 2 or looking to improve your shooting skills in Halo Infinite, devotion is the key to success. It's among the few things that can compel you to practice, practice, and practice again until you master any skill or game. By following the triple P rule from the start, you can quickly improve your game in little time and learn other skills as well.  

Research Games and Players

Research is an essential aspect of learning. When it comes to PC gaming, the best way to learn about different games, tactics, shortcuts, and other aspects is by watching videos on YouTube. There are hundreds of YouTubers and social media influencers specializing in games like StarCraft, Counter-Strike, PUBG, and even Dota 2. Alternatively, you can take the old-fashioned right and look for strategy guides online. Many gaming websites offer FAQs, user walkthroughs, and guides for beginners. You can also join different forums on Reddit, Steam Discussions, or ResetEra to ask for help. 

Play With Others

You’d be surprised how much you can improve with a little teamwork or competition. Many gamers claim they’ve drastically improved their game by playing with or against pro gamers. When playing in a team, these players can serve as trainers and guide you at every step. As opponents, they can help you pick up the speed and work harder to beat them. Whether this bout ends in triumph or defeat, you won’t be disappointed. 

Tune into Gaming Competitions

If you're looking to become a pro gamer, learn from the pros. The best way to do that is by tuning into live-streaming eSports competitions or televised events. Whether it’s the FIFA Interactive World Cup, Halo Championship Series, or Call of Duty World League, you can watch and observe experts use different techniques, tricks, and strategies during the intense competition. 

Take Care of Your Body

No matter what you plan to do or achieve in life, you need good mental and physical health to serve as the foundation or a prerequisite for success. Since most PC games require precise coordination and reaction, you need to ensure you get a full night’s sleep and eat healthily to boost and maintain your cognitive functions. You can also add exercise to your daily routine, especially if you enjoy munching on unhealthy snacks and drinks while playing. 

Play Old Arcade Games

Old-school arcade games from the 80s and 90s, such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Defender, and Castlevania, are excellent for novice players looking to improve their game due to their unforgiveness. These games require precise timing and accuracy to win or see the next level. By including them into your gaming routine, you can passively prepare the contemporary games that daunt you. 

Opt for Suitable Gaming Accessories

As mentioned above, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade your PC or graphic card to improve your gaming performance. However, you should invest in essential gaming accessories or peripherals, especially if you’re playing FPS games on a PC. This includes a mouse, keyboard, headphones, and gaming mousepad if your budget allows it. You can also invest in a proper gaming chair to maintain the right posture at all times and limit fatigue. 


Modern PC games are much harder to play than their older counterparts due to real-world physics and graphics. By learning how to improve your PC gaming abilities, you can enhance several skills, such as hand-eye coordination, strategic planning, multi-tasking, mental awareness, concentration, and reaction, to name a few. While all the ways on our list are important, they won’t do you much good unless you continue to practice. 

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