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Guide to Choosing the Right Size Mousepad for Your Setup

Whether you work on your PC for hours or love gaming, the right-size mouse pad matters. For some, it may be just a mousepad, but those who use it daily and for long hours will agree that it directly impacts user performance and productivity. Indeed, a mousepad that isn't the perfect size can increase your frustration levels as you may be unable to glide and slide your mouse smoothly to get the job done fast or beat your gaming opponent. So, if you are looking for the right size mouse pad and still haven't found one, this guide is a must-read.

In today's guide, we'll walk you through the top factors to consider so you can navigate your options and find the right one for the ultimate user experience. So, when it comes to shopping for the right size mousepad, there is no one-size fits all. Though there are many types of mouse pads available, the four standard sizes are:

Small Size

Available in 200 mm x 250mm, a small mouse pad may be too restrictive for gaming. However, this mouse pad size may be suitable for people who sparsely use it for work, such as navigating from one webpage or document to another. It may be a good option for those who have a small workstation.

Medium Size

Compared to small-sized mouse pads, medium mouse pads are slightly bigger. The size of these mouse pads is 350mm x 270mm. They provide a good option for those who need more mouse movement space and those who use a high-DPI mouse.

Large Size

As the name suggests, this mouse pad has larger dimensions than medium and small mouse pads. It's available in 450mm x 400mm size. It's suitable for both gaming and office use. The large-sized mouse pad provides ample space for mouse movement without any limitations. However, the only obstruction could be your desk space if it is small and much of the space is taken by your keyboard.

Extra Large

Excellent for office users and gamers, this mouse pad has an extended design that can easily accommodate the keyboard and mouse. This mouse pad is nearly double and sometimes triple in width of a large mousepad. It works best with a low DPI (dots per linear inch) mouse. DPI is the standard for measuring the mouse's sensitivity that the device can easily detect. Moreover, this mouse pad's extended design and size are most suitable for hardcore gamers for extensive movements. The size of the extra-large mouse pad is around 400 x 800mm.

Now let’s take a deeper dive to view the factors that will help you evaluate and compare your options and make the best pick:

Mouse Sensitivity and DPI

If you are a designer or first-person shooter gamer, you will likely use a low DPI mouse for better movement and accuracy. For such mouse movement, large and small pads can be used. But if you are into surfing games and use a mouse with a high DPI (over 1000), then you will require an extended mouse pad for greater movement. A small-sized mouse pad will be limiting for such activities.

The Style of Gripping the Mouse

The gripping style of your mouse can also help you narrow down your options and find the right size mouse pad for your setup. For example, if you use your fingertips to grip the mouse and control it with your wrist and fingers, you might find the small mouse pad convenient. But if you have a palm-style grip, you will need a large mouse pad to accommodate the whole arm movement.

Material of the Mouse Pad

You simply can't focus on one aspect when searching for the right size mouse pad. There are multiple factors to consider for superior experience. Hence, apart from movement, the material of the mouse pad is equally crucial.

A hard mouse pad is a good choice for gamers who desire maximum speed during their game. But a hard surface mouse pad may not be the best option for extended use as it can cause pain in the wrist and palm.

Likewise, a soft surface mouse pad may not provide the same accuracy as a hard surface, but it can offer excellent support to your wrist and palm.

Desk Size

Your desktop size is another factor that can play a pivotal role in your search. Your selection of a mouse pad depends on the space on your desk or the area where you work. An extra size mouse pad will take around 20″ x 8″ of your desk space. This will be problematic if you have a limited area. A medium or small mouse pad may be a better option in such a situation.

In a nutshell, to find the right size mouse pad, you must evaluate and compare all the factors discussed above while keeping your activities, habits, and needs in focus. It will help you make an informed decision and have the best user experience. However, if you desire a mouse pad that offers functionality with precision and speed, then Thasis by MouseOne may be your best purchase. 

Thasis by MouseOne is available in two different sizes. The mousepad provides the perfect glide, feel, and stopping power. It is smooth enough for quick flicks and movements and provides great control to avoid overshooting your target during gameplay. Featuring a non-slip rubber base so your mouse pad never slips out of place and micro-textured cloth for speed and precise control, the Thasis mouse pad is designed for performance and functionality for all users on both sides of the spectrum- gamers and non-gamers. Shop now!

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