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Building The Ultimate Gaming PC: Selecting The Best Components

Do you want to bring home the best gaming experience? Wish you knew how to build the ultimate gaming PC? Then this guide is all you need to get started to enjoy PC gaming from the comfort of your space. Read on to learn about the best components for a high-end gaming experience.


Investing in the right CPU is vital to enjoy smooth gameplay and achieve high frame rates. Also called the central processing unit, this is the brain of your system and executes all instructions; it has to be efficient.

Your computer's CPU impacts all facets of your gaming, so you can't compromise here. Consider opting for CPUs from Intel or AMD because their processors provide multiple cores and threads, excellent performance, and high clock speeds needed for multitasking and gaming. Put simply, with more threads and more cores, you can achieve excellent gameplay on PC games that are optimized for multithreaded rendering or extensive geometry, such as Minecraft and Fortnite.

Graphics Processing Unit

As the name suggests, this component of your gaming PC is vital as it directly affects the graphics. Hence, you can play your favorite PC games at high resolutions with a high-quality GPU. So, if you play graphics-heavy games, you must install a GPU with advanced rendering techniques such as XeSS upscaling, ray tracing, etc. This delivers high-fidelity visuals with superior performance.


Your PC's short-term memory unit is called the Random Access Memory, aka RAM. It directly impacts a system's performance and responsiveness. Your computer's CPU uses the RAM to quickly access data and instructions needed for running applications and games.

Simply put, RAM is essential for loading game assets such as textures, models, and maps on a gaming PC, helping to ensure smooth gameplay. More RAM allows for better multitasking, letting you run background applications, like streaming software or web browsers, without impacting game performance.

In other words, insufficient RAM can lead to longer load times, stuttering, and frame rate drops, negatively affecting the gaming experience. And that's definitely something you don't want, especially when you're building your PC exclusively for gaming. 

Moreover, modern games often require significant RAM to run efficiently. For example, 16GB is the recommended minimum for many contemporary titles, and 32GB offers additional headroom for future-proofing and demanding tasks.

Therefore, do some legwork to find adequate RAM and maintain optimal performance and a seamless gaming experience on your computer.


A motherboard is the largest component installed or kept inside a computer cabinet. It interconnects major components of a PC and works as a communication bridge between other devices in a gaming PC.

As there are various types of motherboards in the market, the motherboard you will install depends the size of your computer and purpose.


Now, let's focus on the external components of your gaming PC. One crucial component is the screen or monitor. Your monitor can have a massive impact on your gameplay. Therefore, invest in a gaming monitor with the perfect refresh rate, resolution, and size combination for a fully immersive experience.

For example, 32-inch, 1440p, and 4 K monitors offer sharp resolution with clear visuals. Similarly, rates like 144Hz and higher ensure fluid and smooth motion. This combination is optimal for gaming setups and ergonomic viewing.

Mouse Pad

Speaking of external components, even the smallest gaming gear, like the mouse pad, can significantly impact your gaming experience. That's right; when building the ultimate gaming PC, consider shopping for Thasis by MouseOne.

This mouse pad is anything but ordinary. Unlike basic options available in stores, Thasis provides speed and precision, exactly what PC gamers who play FPS games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive need for quick movements, flicks, and adequate controls.

It is available in two sizes: 15.7x19.7 inches and 15.7x36.6 inches. One of the many standout features of this gaming gear is its micro-textured cloth, which gives the mouse unmatched speed and control. Rest assured, with Thasis, you never have to worry about your mouse pad slowing down your shooting or performance during gaming.

This mouse pad is also water-resistant. Do you know what that means? So, even if you accidentally spill your beverage on your mouse pad while gaming, you can instantly wipe off the liquid and return to your game without any hassle. So, you don't have to stop your massively multiplayer game for any reason.

Besides this, the Thasis non-slip rubber base makes this mouse pad a keeper. Thanks to a non-slip base, you never have to worry about the mouse pad slipping out when you slide and glide. Isn't that amazing?

Mouse Bungee

How often have you lost a game or missed your target because of the mouse cable drag? Several right? But don't worry. Consider shopping for a mouse bungee. This is an investment in your gaming PC that you will love. It reduces drag and ensures your mouse cable stops going under the mouse. More importantly, the mouse bungee is heavy enough to ensure it doesn't move from its place. Hence, it lets you laser-focus on the game without worrying about the cables.


To sum it up, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience in your space if you invest in the right PC components. So, follow this guide to start building your gaming PC & enjoy your favorite games at home. Visit our website to order Thasis and mouse bungee. It's time to bring home the action.

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