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Best Mousepads for Minimalism

In the late 1950s, the whole concept of minimalism started to take off rapidly. “Less is more” was the mindset and people started to become obsessed with artworks and designs that were inherently simple in nature.

In the tech world, we can thank Apple’s Steve Jobs for his perfectionism when it came to products. Apple’s computers were incredibly sleek and sharp, often white in color, and were immensely popular. 

Even for the PC gamers, setups began to focus on purpose and functionality - with gamers often showing off how clean and straightforward their space is, breaking away from the cyber aesthetic of the late 90s akin to the Matrix.

With mousepads being such an essential part of a gaming setup, let’s take a look at some of the best mousepads to go for if you are a fan of minimalism.

Metal Mousepads

Right off the bat, the most “minimal” type of mousepads you can go for are often made of metal, like aluminum. They provide a sharp, clear, and solid appearance that can make any desk look crisp. 

A nice matte silver or white color tends to go great if you choose an aluminum mousepad. In terms of longevity too, metal mousepads will undoubtedly last you so much longer than a lot of other materials.

With most mousepads of this kind, you will practically never see any fancy designs, and the features are completely bare and practical. One thing though is that these mousepads may start to get uncomfortable for some people, so definitely consider this if you are someone who uses the computer for a long time every day.

Fabric Mousepads

With how thin, flexible, and comfortable fabric mousepads are - there’s no surprise as to why they are the most popular type of mousepad for gamers. Unlike metal mousepads, it is a lot more common to come across any sort of fabric mousepad as they are a lot more adaptable in suiting any sort of setup.

The color white is a common theme across all sorts of minimalism, so sticking with something bright and neutral is the way to go when looking for this aesthetic with fabric mousepads. Most of the time though, mousepad designs are going to be on fabric materials rather than stuff like vinyl and hard rubber. 

If you are set on getting a design for a fabric mousepad but want to incorporate minimalism, then try to just go with something simple. Usually, logos are a great way at having a bit more personality while remaining minimal. Also, easy designs and silhouettes of characters can be a boost at adding some more flavor without being too loud.


If you don’t know the actual difference between mousepads and mousemats, it’s simple - mousemats are just longer and wider and often cover a significant portion of your desk. Mousepads are smaller and are purely for making your mouse easier to use. 

Mousemats are huge in creating a much different appearance to any desk, literally because they can cover up so much of it and make it a more comfortable and seamless experience.

In terms of minimalism, using a mousemat is good when desks are made of wood or other materials that are textured. This is because the mat adds a lot more consistent, grounded color to the table and makes everything look and feel softer.

Why Minimalism?

The most immediate answer to this question is that becoming more minimalist with your gaming setup allows you to have much less clutter on your desk and brings a more enjoyable experience when gaming. 

A lot of PC gamers find RGB lighting, flashy computers, and bold mousepad designs appealing. This is understandable, and this whole aesthetic is what gamers strive for.

However, when you cut out a lot of unnecessary features like this, you end up saving a lot of your money, and you will find that your whole time spent gaming is a lot more cleaner and meaningful. 


To summarize, there are many ways at incorporating minimalism into your gaming setup. But one of the best ways is just by starting with your mousepad.

Mousepads are what gives the character and foundation to your desk. As a computer is pretty much useless without a mouse, you will need to invest in a decent mousepad. 

Materials are a huge part of what makes a mousepad more “minimal” with stuff like metal and fabric allowing a form of unity. 

On the other hand, large mousemats that run along a desk can dampen any sort of uneven tone that you don’t like about your bare desk, and provide a lot more balance. Mousemats are also incredibly practical considering that you not only use your mouse with them, but your keyboard gets to be a part of it too.

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