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Benefits of Using a Mouse Bungee

As the world of gaming continues to evolve and progress into something bigger than we can all imagine, many new products and accessories start to come and go. For some, a “mouse bungee” is something that they have never heard of before.

So what exactly is a mouse bungee? And why do people use them? Let’s take a look.


What is a mouse bungee?

For those who don’t know, a mouse bungee is simply used to stop a computer mouse’s wire from tangling and getting in the way - which provides full freedom when gaming.

Mouse bungees can be made out of any material, whether it be plastic, metal silicon, or even wood. Mostly, mouse bungees are made out of plastic and metal. They were quite popular in the 1990s inside offices, but only recently they began to pick up in the gaming community.

Many esports players use mouse bungees, regardless of what game they are playing. Typically, you will see a mouse bungee used in games that require tons of fast mouse movements - like shooter games or MOBAs.

Not only are they practical, but many mouse bungees make great decorations too. Since a mouse bungee is very plain and simple, many people prefer to have colorful mouse bungees with unique designs.


The Benefits of using a Mouse Bungee

So, now that we are aware of what exactly a mouse bungee is, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people decide to use them.

No need for wireless mice

Many gamers tend to use a wireless mouse because they like the fact that there is no wire to get tangled or get in the way. The downside to this? Wireless mice are often inferior to regular wired mice. This is because they need to be charged or have batteries, plus there is almost always going to be a bit of delay.

If you are quite competitive when you play games, avoid using a wireless mouse. There is just simply a lot to miss out on. However, if you miss how neat and tidy things felt, then it may be wise to just go with a mouse bungee. The best part? Mouse bungees are usually not expensive at all.

An organized desk

If you’ve always used a wired mouse but have found that you feel like it’s time for you to clean up your desk a bit - then definitely consider getting a mouse bungee. 

Some people are naturally a little careless when it comes to their desk space, and that’s totally ok. Clutter can sometimes bother some people, whereas for others it does not. However, really organizing your desk space can make a huge difference that you might not even be aware of.

Unsurprisingly, the reduction of clutter will make you feel free and more immersed. We all know someone who has a desk that looks like a bomb has gone off. So obviously with a mouse bungee, you instantly neaten up the excess wire from a mouse.

A long-lasting mouse

There are all sorts of ways you can improve the lifespan of your mouse. For starters, using a mousepad (like those found on our website) can instantly make using your mouse a smooth and frictionless experience. Not only does a mousepad protect your mouse, but it protects your desk too.

Mouse bungees also improve the lifespan of your mouse, just like mousepads. This is because they protect the mouse’s cable from getting constantly dragged and pulled around. In turn, the cable would be in much better condition. 

This would especially be appealing to people who have really expensive gaming setups and want to do the best they can to make sure everything will last as long as it possibly can. Maybe compare the state of your own mouse to someone who uses a mouse bungee - the differences may be like night and day.

A better, more immersive gaming experience

Finally, probably the biggest benefit of using a mouse bungee is the fact that you will almost automatically feel way more immersed in your gaming experience. There will be practically no drag of the mouse whatsoever. 

You may be used to the way your mouse feels and be totally unaware of what the benefits are of using a mouse bungee. As mentioned before, games that require quick and precise mouse movements will have the most noticeable difference. 



Using a mouse bungee comes with many benefits, with little to lose. By using a mouse bungee, you will be able to experience the following benefits:

  • Being able to use wired mice while still keeping things neat and clean
  • A sharper, more organized desk space
  • A longer lifespan for your mouse
  • A more immersive experience when gaming


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