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Are Hard Mouse Pads Good for Gaming?

Mouse pads come in various sizes and with different surface textures, materials, and edges. It can be extremely confusing for new gamers to understand the various features of mouse pads and equally difficult for them to select which gaming mouse pad is best for them.

These days, many people wonder if hard mouse pads are good for gaming or if they should opt for softer, non-plastic, fabric mouse pads.

But before we talk about hard mouse pads for gaming, we must first understand the modern gaming mouse itself.

The Modern Gaming Mouse

The mouse has been an essential computer peripheral for decades, especially since the introduction of the user-friendly computer interface. Initially, mice used trackball technology to register movements and display them on the screen.

Maintenance of these trackball mice meant keeping the roller and, by extension, the sensors clean from dirt and dust. They required mouse pads that could deliver smooth and clean movements of the rollerball, which meant that the better the surface for the mouse, the better your gaming performance.

As expected, much has changed over the years. Today, mice have moved to a better, far more accurate alternative - laser/ optical sensors. These modern mice are capable of working on almost any surface, which begs the question - why buy a mouse pad at all?

Why Buy A Mouse Pad?

Despite the new laser/ optical sensor technology and its ability to work on any surface, mouse pads are still a meaningful computer peripheral, especially for gamers. This is because there are major advancements in mouse pads that come with superior features, allowing for better in-game performance.

Gaming mouse pads don't just provide a surface for the mouse to move on, but they are specifically designed to improve accuracy, speed, stopping power, performance, and feel. Overall, they add to a gamer's in-game performance in more than one way.

Gamers can take their gaming to the next level with the right gaming mouse pad. This brings us back to our original question...

Are Hard Mouse Pads Good for Gaming?

Yes and no, depending on a few things. Despite the advancements in gaming mouse pads, there is still no single standard mouse pad that fits the bill for optimal gaming. Different features appeal to different gamers.

To understand why hard mouse pads may or may not be good for gaming, let's look at the features of hard mouse pads and how they affect in-game performance.

Surface Texture

Surface texture is the most important part of a gaming mouse pad. There are various options, and they are all designed for the unique usage and styles of gamers.

Despite what you may have heard, the surface texture has nothing to do with the mouse's sensor. It is in constant contact with the mouse's feet, which means the relationship, friction, and textural feeling between these two surfaces are essential for gaming purposes.

While there are many options of surface texture, they can largely be categorized into hard plastic coating or tightly woven soft fabric finish. The latter is designed for accuracy, especially at lower DPIs (sensitivity), which most gamers prefer over speed, making them the popular option.

However, hard plastic coating mouse pads, or simply hard mouse pads, are better for speed and improved reaction times.

So, while a first-person shooter (FPS) gamer may prefer a fabric mouse pad, like our Thasis gaming mouse pad, for titles like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, or Doom, a gamer looking for speed and reaction time may prefer a hard mouse pad.

If you play strategy games or games where require fast movements of the mouse, especially at a high DPIs, quality hard mouse pads are better for you.


The edge of a gaming mouse pad is more important than you might think, especially for competitive gamers. For example, the edge of the Thasis gaming mouse pad is designed with great precision to avoid abrasions on your mouse chord, unnecessary resistance while gaming, and durability of the pad itself.

However, a poorly designed edge on a fabric mouse pad can result in many problems. Firstly, it may fray at the edges and damage the mouse pad. Secondly, it may cause friction at the chord and hinder your in-game performance.

Lastly, it may damage the chord of your mouse over time. The best thing about a hard mouse pad is that it doesn't require a stitched edge because it has a hard plastic coating. This eliminates most of the mentioned problems.

However, a good "edgeless" design requires that the edge of a hard mouse pad remains smooth and seamless, eliminating abrasion or resistance. Some modern hard mouse pads come with slightly curved edges toward the bottom, allowing for free flow of the mouse chord with little to no resistance or "cable drag."

Final Thoughts

Hard mouse pads may not be for everyone or all types of gamers. They aren't the best for accuracy, which makes them less popular among gamers. However, if you play games where higher DPIs, quick movements, and fast reaction times are required, hard mouse pads may just be the best gaming mouse pads you can get.

Moreover, with good edgeless designs, they can be even better. At the end of the day, it all depends on your gaming preferences and style. Finding the right gaming mouse pad may require you to test your in-game performance with a few options before deciding on the best one.

Explore our website if you want to learn more about hard mouse pads for gaming or about our Thasis gaming mouse pad.

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